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Simultaneous touch and prox on CY8C21434 | Cypress Semiconductor

Simultaneous touch and prox on CY8C21434

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I have been experimenting with development for CY8C21434. I am interested in implementing simultaneous touch and prox sensing for this module, such that a hand wave in front of a keypad activates a backlight and allows the user to push buttons. Given the fact that the CSD properties are so different for these applications and that there are only 4 digital and 4 analog blocks, this does not seem possible. I have scoured the application notes, forums, etc, and have found no mention of this. Does anyone know if something like this is possible? I would like to stick to an 8051-based QFN32 part if possible. Thanks for any input.

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Hi mdbeaster,


Can you please post this topic in PSoC1 forum.

Mainly topics related to PSoC5 are posted posted in this forum.


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