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rotary encoder absolute, serial manchester | Cypress Semiconductor

rotary encoder absolute, serial manchester

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 Good afternoon, I am Colombian, I dont have good English, I hope  you understand

I will comment that my project is to know how I can help.


I have two rotary encoder, they send the absolute position by a frame of serial data by a Manchester code, the encoders are of 11 bits.


To get the position, I decode the signal. The Manchester decoder is not the problem, the problem is the timing, and for that I get a interrup for rising edge  and falling edge  to synchronize the decoder.

The delivery code encoder is shown in Figure


I must get the data (15 bits) of the first frame.

I do not know what idea you have to be able to help.


Attached two codes

One simulates the clock and then with a interrup on and off an output pin.

The other has a signal input to the decoder.


none works.




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This is not an easy problem to solve, since the data is a bitstream not related to any standard serial protocol. To avoid utilizing the CPU with the task of bit-banging I would suggest to find a solution using Verilog which might turn out to be problematic if you haven't worked with HDLs yet.

I recently did some timed bit-banging using counters in Verilog which worked quite well with a 24MHz clock, timing the width of a signal pulse.

This might be a way of getting your problem solved



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Use the quadrature decoder component ?



Or a port of


Regards, Dana.

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