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PSOC5 USB Mass Storage Example | Cypress Semiconductor

PSOC5 USB Mass Storage Example

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Is there an example project showing a PSOC5 as a USB Mass Storage Device?  I need one to pull in some data and log it to an SD card, then let us pull it over USB later.

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 As of now, we do not have any code that is readily available for MASS Storgae using PSoC5. However, you can implement Mass storage using PSoC5 by rmodifying the descriptors fro the deivce. You can refer the descriptors for the device NX2LP which is available here, You can copy the same descriptors from the source file for this device. At the same time, there are some specific USB requests that is associated with the Mass Storage device, your PSoC5 code should be capable of handling all these requests. You could straight away see how it is done for NX2LP and copy paste and edit to get it working. 

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I know this post is very old, but i take the chance to see if i can still get an answer. I can't seem to find any newer posts regarding this topic.

Has Cypress made a solution for Mass Storage support in PSoC5?

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This component -


A PSOC 4 example -


Regards, Dana.

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Hi everyone,

I know it's been a little while since someone posted on this thread, but I wanted to check in to see if anyone has figured out a quick way to implement USB mass storage using the PSoC and the emFile system. Along the lines of everyone in this thread, I'm thinking that a user could plug into the USB port of the PSoC and then browse the SD card data (text files, etc) using their computer. 



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