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PSoC 5 will support Ethernet? | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 5 will support Ethernet?

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 There is any plans to make some PSoC5 family with Ethernet?

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 No as of now. May be in Q2, 2011.



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The ethernet support is confirmed to be out con Q2 2011? It will be just ethernet hardware support or will also add IP stack?

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The MDIO protocol defined for Ethernet can be implemented in the PSoC5 UDB. There has been proposals for implementation of this protocol.

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Is there any application note or code example for adding ethernet to Psoc 5?

Thank you in advance

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I am not aware of any way of implementing TCP/IP in PSoC 5 natively. I am not aware of any TCP/IP Stack having been ported to PSoC 5 either.

I have, however, successfully integrated TCP/IP, UDP and a web browser into PSoC 5 products by using external devices.

As far as I am aware the PSoC 5 does not have a MAC or a PHY, both of which are physically required to implement ethernet.

My soultion was to use a PIC18F67J60, which has both MAC and PHY and runs the free microchip TCP/IP stack  and connect it to the PSoC using I2C. This means that there is no need to develope your own TCP/IP Stack and it frees the PSoC core for doing other tasks. You will need to add a PHY and MAC anyway, so this method does not increase the component count. The only other components required are an RJ45 Jack with built-in magnetics, a 25 Mhz crystal or oscillator and a few passive components.

There are other ways to implement ethernet - you could just choose your own MAC and PHY chip(s) and code your own stack - but it is a big task. I don't think there is any need to re-invent the wheel.

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You mat want to consider a very fast and reliable Ubicom IP2022 Network Processor made by Qualcomm (Ubicom was purchased).

Last stable tool attached as exe  use the Jtag debugger, you need to make a simple parallel port Jtag adapter a few wires. 


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Micrel offers a number of low cost MAC/PHY controllers -


Regards, Dana.

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