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PSCO5 - External Memory Interface (EMIF) | Cypress Semiconductor

PSCO5 - External Memory Interface (EMIF)

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The EMIF uses the PSOC I/O to provide 24 bit address, 16 bit data and control to external memory.

1. Is it possible to address larger memories? The PSOC5 memory map allows for 1 GB of external memory. Can the additional address bits be accessed and used to interface with larger memory devices?

2. Can code be executed out of this memory?



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Datasheet says:

1) No, perhaps with quite a bit of UDB magic, but I doubt it

2) Yes, code can be executed.  13.3.1 PSoC 5LP Memory Map ... Note that code can be executed from the code,
SRAM, and external RAM regions.

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Code can be executed from EMIF in PsoC5LP, but only with 16-bit external memories.

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