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Problem using USB pins as digital input on LP? | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem using USB pins as digital input on LP?

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Can't seem to get PSoC Creator 2.2 to allow me to place a digital input on a USB pin!

Outputs, yes, just not inputs!!!

Data sheet says this should work...

What am I doing wrong?



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Interesting, I was able to use a USB pin as input in PSOC 3, but in 5

you are never given the option in pin editor to select USB pin.


Maybe post a tech case at -


“Technical Support”

“Create a Case”


and post back here answer for all.


Regards, Dana.



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 Hello rchaney,


The USBIO pins have limited drive capabilities (Resistive pullup, strong low).  These pins doesn't appear in the drop-down window in DWR until their drive modes are changed. This is same across PSoC3, PSoC5, PSoC5LP. Change the drive mode and you should be able to route an iput pin via USBIOs.




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