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Port speed

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 What is the port speed on the PSoC 3/5? I think the port is 8 bit or 16, I do not own one. Can it do

Better then bitwise usb module:


I believe it can read or wirte burst at 96 mega bytes a second on a good day.


  Thanks for any help,



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A port in the world of PSoCs is 8 bits wide and the max frequency DMA runs is 48-80MHz  depending on the PSoC. The interesting thing is that for DMA data-transfers no CPU intervention is needed.

But there is more inside a PSoC: there is configurable programmable hardware within from simple gates over FFs, timers counters ADCs DACs amplifiers and and and...



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 Thank you very much Bob.

 One last question:


 Is there a more control transfer, like can i use one port for a addressing  and the other as a data port?

 What kind of reads, in mega Hz, can i get from change the address, read data, repeat?

 This is for The best board or what board you are most familiar with, PSoC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

It Can be a rough estimate.


 Thanks again,


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You can use the External Memory Interface (EMIF) to do that. I thnink the max speed of around 33m.

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