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[OffTopic] OSEK OS | Cypress Semiconductor

[OffTopic] OSEK OS

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I'm on the final year of the university so started to look for a Embedded Systems related job, then i saw that a lot of job offerings on automotive industries requires you to know OSEK OS [1].

The unique RTOS i knew about was FreeRTOS, but OSEK seems to be a automotive standard OS, and all the documentation is available online.

So, there's someone that knows about this OS?

Any chance to know if it's possible to make a post to use the PSoC 5LP?


I will try to investigate further and try to make the port, but i'm very new to OSes :/.

Thanks in advance



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Since it is off-topic anyway... You have unique opportunity to choose your pathway, so I would recommend to look broader than just "embedded design in automotive industry" (unless it's a Google car).

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