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Mutual-Capacitance Sensing (CSX) | Cypress Semiconductor

Mutual-Capacitance Sensing (CSX)

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Hi guys,

I am new to PSoC. I am hoping to be able to use the PSoC 5 devices to implement an application unsing mutual-capacitance sensing (CSX).

All of the CapSense datasheets, user guides, application notes and others are talking about CSX, so I considered it to be straight forwared to get an eval board (I have the CY8CKIT-059), start the PSoC Creator, and get it started.

However, all sources say that the PSoC Creator only supports CSD CapSensing, and no CSX sensing.

Also, I cannot find mutual-capacitance sensing in any of the PSoC 5 or PSoC 4 datasheets.

The only clue I have found so far is the preliminary 3.3 SP2.3 version of the PSoC Creator. In this version, there is a CapSense component available, which can be setup as CSX sensors.

So what is the deal with the CSX? Is it possible to use the PSoC 5 wit CSX sensing?




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Welcome in the forum, Janos!

Did you already read among all the other elaborates the AN64846? It does not tell about CSX, but explains what CSD is.

As opposed to you I cannot find references to CSX except some pin namings.

What did you find is the difference between CDS and CSX??



PS: Where in Germany are you located, Janos. I live near Bremen.

Hi Bob and thanks for your welcome :)

AN64846 explains in 2.2.2 how CSX works (mutual capacitance is another name for it). The main difference is, that one Tx and one Rx electrode is used in CSX, which is exactly what I need in my design. It is also called CapSense Crosspoint in AN85951, chapter 2.2.2.

CSD uses only one electrode, which is expected to couple against ground.

Cheers, Janos

PS: I come from Berlin

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The touchpad seemingly works as CSX. For more specific information create a support case. At top of this page -> Support...



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I think CSX feature are just available on PSoC 4S devices, but i'm not sure if you can use it on other devices. The new CapSense on 4S devices had a big upgrade from the older one (i haven't test it but Cypress say so :D). In this link Alan talks about it.

"...When I looked at that board closely I remembered that the buttons were put there to support the new Capsense functionality of the PSoC4000s family.  Inside of Cypress we call the new feature “CSX”, but its real name is “Mutual Capacitance”..."


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