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Mini Prog3

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我这两个月连续用坏了两个Mini Prog3 ,都是在烧写程序时坏的,想知道为什么,坏了的原因是VTARG 与GND 短路了,有没有什么解决的办法啊?





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Copied from Google Translate :

"I have worn it for two consecutive months Mini Prog3, programming procedures are bad, want to know why, because of bad VTARG and GND short, and there is no solution ah?"

xiaoyuec, Can you please give us more details about your programnming set up?

Did you use MiniProg to program a Cypress board or a Custom board?

Which device did you try programming?

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ok,Today I use the third MINI PROG 3,and it is also bad.

First ,I use the MINI PROG 3 to programming process(CY21345) ,and it programming process successful, then I use the Bridge Control Panel to debugging,

then I modify the program (to change  

CSD2X_1_baBtnFThreshold[9] = 80


CSD2X_1_baBtnFThreshold[9] = 60)after close the Bridge Control Panel;

and ,last I programming process(CY21345)  again ,Programming can not be programmed to go a half, this time is when the MINI PROG3 is broken;


I have no idea .Everyone all think it is my problem ,ai~~~~~~~ ~~~~(>_<)~~~~ Maybe I'm the Mini prog3 killer~~~~

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