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Menu for LCD16x2

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I was trying to find a simple menu for LCD.
Of those examples that I found I coped with only one.
I'm not sure that I did everything correctly, but this is the only thing that I have.
Maybe someone will come in handy this project.
I will be glad to hear any comments.

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Tnx, pavloven

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I have some menu routines on a 16/2 or 16/4 that work

with vertical  or horizontal selection by moving cursor,

and display is buffered to eliminate effects (digit flicker)

from unnecessary write activity.


Originally done for PSOC 1 but apply to 3/4/5 as well.

General written in C.


Regards, Dana.

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It is interesting to see.
You have used what is known as such a decision?
micromenu  ,      micromenu2 

TUI (Text User Interface)        from

My dream - to create a library or component that can be easily configured for many applications.


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