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Mechanical Drawings for PSoC5 CY8C55 Module? | Cypress Semiconductor

Mechanical Drawings for PSoC5 CY8C55 Module?

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I currently use MBEDs in my prototypes and I'd like to switch to the CY8C55 Module. 


The idea is to layout the 16-pin headers on my PCBs and simply plug the Cy8C55 module on top of it (just like I currently do with an MBED).


1) Is there an Eagle Cad library part for the CY8C55 module?

if not...

2) Is there a detailed mechanical drawing I could build my own part from?


Thanks in advance -- I'm loving the PSoC5 architecture.  I'm sold!



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Follow this thread to find Eagle libs.

The very best way to start with PSoCs is to get hands on one of the Development Kits.

For PSoC5 there is the Kit-050 which is realy versatile and not to forget the universak Kit-001 which contains exchangeable PSoC1, 3 and 5 processor modules.

The advantages with a development kit are the built-in debugging capabilities. You may single-step, set breakpoints and control the values of variables, call stack etc. All this functions are integrated into the Creator software which you may download for free from the Cypress website.


Happy coding


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Thank you for the reply.


I love the developer kits.  I have both the 001 and the 005.  What I'm trying to do is run-down an Eagle library (or mechanical drawing) specifically for the PSoC 5 module.


Here's what I have so far:


1) The schematic for the PSoC 5 module

2) Eagle libraries for the surface-mount parts themselves

3) A PDF that shows the board tracings (but no mechanical dimensions)

It appears that the PSoC 1/3/5 modules are connected to the kit with four 2x16 in-line connectors.  If I knew the exact positions of those connectors (and the mfg/part number would be great too), I could create my own Eagle library part for the module and place it in my own designs.  That's what I currently do for my MBED designs but I'd like to make the PSoC5 module my new standard micro.


I'm loving this architecture btw... the tutorials and built-in datasheets are great.


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I would recommend you file a tech suuport case at

You have to be registered, simple form, and sign in.


Regards, Dana.

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2553 posts has some connectors which fit: the SLM series ( and the SMS series ( Otherwise, the -001 kit guide contains a BOM, which lists the connectors (which are also samtec ones :).

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