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Facing problem with SPI | Cypress Semiconductor

Facing problem with SPI

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 I am facing problem with receiving multiple data bytes. I don't know whether the way i have implemented is correct or not.

I  have enabled interrupt of SPIs as interrupt on RX_FIFO_NOT_EMPTY.

In the isr i read the no of. bytes received SPIS_ReadRxBufferSize and display the values on LCD directly.

Initially i had set buffer size of 4 and hence i was just able to get only 1 byte of data even on sending 3 bytes as no. of bytes SPIS_ReadRxBuffer was returning only 1(even datasheet says it provides 1).

So I changed to more than 4 bytes buffer. But still i am unable to receive the bytes.

Any solutions ??

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Usually the interrupt has to be reset which normally is done by reading the RxStatusRergister.


Happy coding


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 Uploading your project may help.

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