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Differences between CY8C52/CY8C53/CY8C54/CY8C55 | Cypress Semiconductor

Differences between CY8C52/CY8C53/CY8C54/CY8C55

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 Do I have to go through all the datasheets of all the 4 families of psoc 5 to find out their differences. Or can somebody help me ?

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under the Cypress-page Products->Programmable Sytem-on-chip->PSoC5 you find a "Parametric Search", there you can easily view most of the differences at first (or second) glance.

Happy searching


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Hi Srinath,


As Bob Marlowe has suggested, you can use the "Parametric Product Selector" for searching.

You can select (by checking) the device which you want to compare (Cy8C52, 53, 54, 55) and select "Compare" to compare the features of the selected families. The differentce in Flash Size, number of UDBs, GPIOs and size of SRAM can be compared.

Availability of Delta Sigma ADC apart from the SAR is also one of the major difference among the different devices.

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 Thank you Bob and thank u Dasg

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