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Hello my friends

I want to running CAN bus interfacing with psoc5lp and some vehicle to read data from car.

How can i do this project for send and there any body to help me?or anybody that know and did this interface?

Tanks for regarding...

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You need to have two nodes for data transfer. If you already have a transmitting CAN node other than PSoC, then you can use one PSoC 5LP with CAN transceiver kit:

​If you want to just receive the data then you can refer 'CAN_Full_Example' mentioned in interaction #3 above. This example is receiving switch status and ADC data from another node and displaying on LCD. You can modify this project according to your need.

Also you need to take care of Baudrate settings. If your car CAN bus has specific baudrate then you need to configure CAN component accordingly. We recommend you to refer  Getting started with CAN application note in the following link:


Kindly have a look at above. Let us know if you need any clarification.

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