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availability and price of PSoC5 | Cypress Semiconductor

availability and price of PSoC5

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 Any idea about the availability and price of PSoC5 devices, yet?


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I would like to know when I can get some of the PSOC5's as well. I have played around with the First Touch board, but I need to use the USB, which I can not do with the eval board. I suppose I could lie to get some samples, but I am a lousy liar. :-)

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Try FutureElectronics,

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We will have 26 PSoC 5 part numbers open for broad sampling in August 2011. Right now, if you need samples please contact your local Cypress Sales Office or Distributor.


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Budgetary pricing please!   Why the stalling for the pricing of the PSOC 5?   It does not make me confident in going for a production design in the next few months.

Here are a few specific parts:

PSOC 5   CY8C5566LTI-017  64K, 16K SRAM,  68QFN

PSOC 5  CY8C5567LTI-017  128K, 32K SRAM,  68QFN

PSOC 5  CY8C5568LTI-017  256K, 64K SRAM,  68QFN


PSOC 3  CY8C3866LTI-030  64K, 8K SRAM, 68QFN

At least the PSOC part looks real with a 6-8 week lead time listed on the latest production sheet, but no real definition of the PSOC production or cost.   We can not design this part in without more information.


Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.   (and yes, I already tried the sales team, no reply from them so far)

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