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5 Time Counters

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I have CY8CKIT PSoC 5LP KIT and I want to measure time between 6 signals that coming on 6 different pins.

First signal is TR. When TR happened (rising edge) 5 time counters start.

When MP1 happened (rising edge) first counter stop.

When MP2 happened (rising edge) counter 2 stop.

All same to MP5.

After 100 ms send 5 time values ( number in ms) to COM Port (RS232).

If I have 2 TR before MP that counter send message AAAAAAAA.

If MP don't happened 100 ms after TR that counter send message CCCCCCCC.

I am new to PSoC and don't have C code experience.

Can somebody help me with this?



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Duplicate post, please follow up here.



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