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WLCSP Reference Design

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In our application the 7x7mm QFN won't fit. We need to use the WLCSP version but we had difficulty finding any reference design using this package. Do you have a recommended design for this package that you can provide?

Are PSoC 4 BLE WLCSP and PRoC 4 BLE WLCSP pinouts identical/interchangeable?

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Currently we don't have reference design for WLCSP package.


Both PSOIC4 BLE and PROC BLE WLCSP packages are pin-pin compatible .


You can refer the app notes




Though these are not specific to PSOC4 BLE/PROC BLE you can use them as a reference.


Once you are done with layout ,We recommend to create tech support case to get it reviewed.





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