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Wire Antenna Design

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I am building a circuit using CY8C4247LQI-BL483. I tested my circuit using the module CY8CKIT-142. BLE works reliably at 10 meters as expected. At 20 meters, it works but not as good. For example, it advertises 10 packets but only 5 can be detected. So, I'm thinking about using wire antenna instead of PCB. But in the document, the wire antenna has be suggested for better performance but no design suggestion. Unfortunately, I do not have a network analyzer (to expensive to buy right now). Do you have a design suggestion(s) for wire antenna, RC matching value, length and diameter of the wire, etc?

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The frequency of Ble tooth is 2.3ghz and is too high to just add wire . The antenna needs to be designed correctly to work. Do a search on the Web for high gain bluetooth antenna design. You should find a design that should work and you can make.

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Please refer our Antenna design appnote:


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