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why no forum search

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We are moving backwards. Excellent Psoc forum was Psocdeveloper.

No forum search button makes total mess. I can't find my own posts.

Search community ( what Cypress provides) is not the same, as forum search.


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I agree with you, but does it take two posts to complain about that matter?



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You can click on your pic (if shown) or go to profile to get

to your posts. I agree, was pretty good,

but was not html, which is what we are all hoping this forum

achieves soon.


Regards, Dana.

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But there should be a search within each forum section.  I don't want to search the whole forum, get lots of non-helpful results.

Is there a way to focus a search, ie. BLE low energy PSoC4??


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Nope. Not specific to the forum.

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I agree! I posted the same suggestion to the "contact us" section -> WEB. I never received any answer. The section for the SuperSpeed is also very big. It contains a lot of information, but without any search option, it is not very useful. Time to market is important. So the best you can do is : open a CASE and send the question to the experts.

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