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When Cypress will make examples for Evothings Studio ? | Cypress Semiconductor

When Cypress will make examples for Evothings Studio ?

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Evothings Studio is a set of development tools, designed for development of mobile apps using web technologies. Evothings Studio is specifically designed for development of apps for the Internet of Things.

They  support for a number of IoT hardware devices such as, Arduino, iBeacons, Eddystone, Texas Instruments Sensor Tags, ARM boards, Nordic Semiconductor, MediaTek, Estimote and many more.

But I`m not see Cypress. Why ? When we can start using this tool ?

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I see from their website they create Apps for particular specification or standards (for example eddystone, iBeacons) rather than a particular company's product. 

You can configure the Cypress's PSoC Solution with suitable firmware to implement the standards so that it may work with those Apps. There are also Generic Apps provided by that website for ay BLE Devices like "BLE Scan".

Also, please be informed that Cypress provided an android App called CySmart for assisting in your android developement and debugging.


- Madhu Sudhan


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So, Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and other competitors created libraries and examples just for fun ?

I created my project and  it`s ready for 90% but I can`t finish it because can`t find programmer that can create  mobile application for iOS and Android and know BLE.... This platform can help to many Cypress developers.

Generic applications can`t help create application that will be on market. Only for start.


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