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What is the "Stack"?

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The word "stack" is frequenly. What is the precise definition of the Bluetooth "stack" in the Cypress world? Is this the binary (closed source) API functions? Or something else?

I am wondering since I have implemented Upgradable Stack OTA Bootloader to be able to update my application in the field. Now I've did a small modification: I've changed the UUID of one of my Characteristics. I initially thought that "Upgradable Stack" just meant that I would be able to update the Cypress Bluetooth library (to for example fix bugs in the API functions). But maybe changing the GATT server of my main application will also qualify as a stack update?

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Yes, Stack is the binary closed source code.

In Upgradable Stack OTA, there is two options - either for upgrading your application only, or to update the stack as well.

The upgrading of stack means, upgrading the entire BLE library files from previous BLE stack to the next BLE stack .

The GATT server modifications like writing a new value, changing UUID all will comes under application level upgrade.

For additional info regarding  firmware upgrades in Cypress BLE, you can refer our appnote from the link:



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