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Use CY8CKIT-042-BLE as programmer for my custom board? | Cypress Semiconductor

Use CY8CKIT-042-BLE as programmer for my custom board?

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Is it possible to connect my custom made board (still in design pĥase) to the SWD, RES and power pins on the socket for the PSoC module on the "CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer Baseboard" to program it through the PSoC Creator Interface?

Will the software detect the chip on the custom board and program it (provided the connections are correct)?


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I created a MyCase on your question and was called back by phone within 10 minutes!!!! THAT WAS FAST!!!!

There is a new PSoC5 Kit announced (which is currently out of stock) with a snap-off KitProgrammer. With this you will be able to program PSoC5s, PSoC4 and PSoC4 BLE (I admitt:Ididn't aski for PSoC3 and PSoC1) without any modifications on one of your boards provided that you have the needed pins availlable and you can live with a 5V supply form the KitProg.


There is a hack posted to modify a pioneer kit to program PSoC4s, but I am not sure wheter that will program BLEs.



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My answer would be 'yes, as long as your custom board uses a PSoC4BLE chip'. Just connect the SWD lines from the breakout header on the Pioneer BLE board to the ones on your custom board. Maybe look up the breakout board schematics to see how to design that part of your board.

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I do plan to use a BLE chip. Thanks for the answers (I probably should have searched a little more before posting...)!

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the socket which is used for programming is 20021521-00010T1LP

Which you could solder to the board

Adafruit also sells the SWD ribbon cable 


Hope that's helpful 

Max Foster 



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