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Support bluetooth 4.0

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I have just received the Psoc BLE pioneer kit.

I can easily debug and communicate with the CySmart dongle.

Does Psoc Ble support bluetooth 4.0 or is it only 4.1?

I tried to write a Chrome app on my chromebook for comminicating with the Psoc 4 ble. My chromebook only have bluetooth 4.0.

I can read the UUID's, names and addresses but not connect to the BLE.

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 Bluetooth 4.1 is backward compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and if your chrome device supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE), then it should work with your BLE kit.


If you are able to scan, but unable to connect, then it could be a firmware problem. Check with one of the BLE example projects in PSoC Creator and see if it works. If it still fails, then try connecting to the kit using an Android/iOS app to eliminate chrome related problems.. and finally if the problem still persists, then it most likely is a hardware problem.. call the cypress guys for a replacement :)

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 Thanks Undesh for the fast answer.

Good to know that 4.1 is back compatible with 4.0.

I have used several example project e.g. "BLE Slider and LED" to test the chrome app.

PsocCreator requested a update of the BLE component. After update and re-programming the Psoc BLE module it was possible to connect with my Chrome app. So maybe this was the reason, or else a restart of chromebook the day after.. I don't know...

I found it quite easy to write chrome apps for prototype testing rather than debugging on mobile device. 

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