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Storing Bond issue

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I'm working off of the 100 Days OOB example, with the addition of storing the bond on the client end.  I have the configuration on the peripheral side pretty much the same: Auth+Encrypt, Keyboard+Display, No Bonding.  On the Central Side, I've started with it the same, connection and paring went well, but when it came to storing the Bond, my API results came back ok, but when I pulled the data to confirm, my bond count came back as 0.  I've changed the IO from Display to Display+Keyboard and Display+Yes/No with no change.  I'm using a 128k device and have attempted the Storing and Retreiving both while connect and after disconnecting with no luck.  Any ideas of why?

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Could you share your project with us? We will try to look into the issue.

You might as well create a technical support case. You can visit and create a case there. Engineers from Cypress will help you out.



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