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Some problems with the CySmart android application. | Cypress Semiconductor

Some problems with the CySmart android application.

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 I was trying out some of the BLE 100 projects in 100 days for the CY8KIT-042-BLE and came across the following issues with the android app CySmart.

For Android 5.0 and 4.4, bluetooth has to be turned on and off to detect  the new application after the CY8KIT-042-BLE is reprogrammed. 

For Android 5.0 the service is stuck on the original Find Me service after reprogramming the CY8KIT-042-BLE with a different application. Cannot change this even by removing CySmart and reinstalling.

For Android 4.4 no data is displayed on the mobile device for the heart rate application.

The Custom Profile CapSense application works, but not he CapSense Proximity application.


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Thanks for bringing these issues to our notice. We have come across this and are updating the Apps to fix it.

Most of these issues stem from how the Android Core BLE framework handles BLE connections. Whenever it connects to a new device (with new BD Address), it store the information, including services that the device supports. Due to this, next time if a new project is programmed on same device, the BD address remains same and Android Core believes it to be older device. This issue is being fixed (Along with Heart Rate data issue) and the updated App will be released soon.


For now, you can fix the issue by assigning a different BD address to the project in BLE Component ->Gap Settings -> General.


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 Thank you for the quick reply. Using a different BD address fixed that problem for both my Android 5.0.x and 4.4.x device.

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