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Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) using PSoC 4 BLE | Cypress Semiconductor

Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) using PSoC 4 BLE

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I'm interested in developing a Bluetooth Low Energy enable BLDC motor controller that uses Sensorless Field Oriented Control to handle the motor speed. 

Researching different alternatives I found this Application Note for the  that implements the Sensorless FOC technique in a Cypress PSoC 4. 

Is that same application valid for the PSoC 4 BLE? Can I run those examples on a PSoC 4 BLE?

I know I can have a dedicated PSoC 4 do the motor control and use an external BLE module to handle the Bluetooth Low Energy communication, but it would be nice to use 1 IC to do both things. 

My main goal is configure a GATT server that with different characteristic of the motor control, and use another device (a Smartphone for example) to set the motor speed. 

Thank you very much beforehand. 

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Welcome in the forum, Rodrigo.

A PSoC4 BLE is a PSoC4 with an additional BLE radio, so it might be possible to have a BLDC implemented on such a chip. Take care to use a CY8C42xx chip because there are some more resources within.



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