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Selection on BLE dongle | Cypress Semiconductor

Selection on BLE dongle

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Hi all,  

i just checked the websie of cypress, i found cy5677 dongle (my requirement is dongle must be 4.2 or 4.1), which perfectly sets our development, but it is not available(out of stock),

can i go for cy5670 for the development, what is difference between Cy5677 and Cy5670 can you guys please update, 


Thank You

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A comparison of the two devices show that the cy5677 is confirm to the latest BLE 4.2 standard whilst the cy5670 is not.

Depending on the capabilities of the device you want to connect to you may use the (older) cy5670 which seems to be on stock.



Hi bob,

Thanks for the reply, a  small query,

1. does it have BLE 4.1 stack.

2. and does it support 250 MTU change.

Waiting for reply, 

thank you.

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