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Selecting a BLE 4.2 PSOC | Cypress Semiconductor

Selecting a BLE 4.2 PSOC

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Hello, I'm new here and a bit lost in chip selection.  I'm looking for an equivalent of CY8C4127 with BLE 4.2 capability. Can someone point that out?

Also which PSOC is included on CY8CKIT-143A? I don't find the info in the PDF.

THanks a lot

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Hi inouk

CY8C4248LQI-BL583 is the PSoC on the 143A kit, you can find this information on the kit schematic and BOM, you can download those from here:

Equivalent of CY8C4127 with BLE 4.2 maybe you can find on the Device Selector of PSoC Creator, i'm not very familiar with BLE parts, so maybe somebody else can help you with that more precisely.

Hope it helps


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