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Scan Request events

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Does the Scan Request generate any events, either on the Central (TX) or the Peripheral (RX) modules?
Could anyone point me in the direction of more information on the format of the Scan Request - I've been having little luck on finding any more information other than "it exists".

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When talking about Scan requests, Central sends the request and Peripheral receives it. This is handled by BLE stack and does not need any application intervention (except regularly calling CyBle_ProcessEvents()). I don't see any situation where someone may need the Scan Request events to come to application.

On the other hand, Scan Response contains application useful data and does trigger an event. The Scan Response packet is sent from Peripheral (no event) and received by Central device (CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_PROGRESS_RESULT event generated). The data that is sent from the Peripheral as part of scan response is configured in the BLE Component settings -> GAP Settings -> Scan Response Packet or in firmware by using the CyBle_GapUpdateAdvData() API.


Refer to example project at for basic Central project implementation. Also, you can refer the repository at for more projects.


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