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Report Map sharing

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I wrote application over HOG. Connection is successful. But I am seeing that Connection time is arounf 11-12 seconds while with the standard application give, I am seeing this connection is happening in 3 seconds.

Please Let me know, if anything I need to look into.

ManyThank ...


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Can you share your project? As I understand, it takes longer time to get connected. What is the advertisement interval? Are you using fast advertisement?

Hi Thanks for the reply. 

Yes, I am using fast advertisement 

below are the parameters I have set. 

fast advertizing interval  min  = 60ms

​fast advertizing interval  max  = 60ms

​Slow advertizing time out =  30 s 

Fast connection advertizement time out =  30 s

Slave lateny 4 

Pref max conn. int =  0x 000a

Pref min conn. int =  0x 000a

​Supervision timeout = 0x 0018 

These the time params i have set.  please let me know if any one to be tuned or any param is missed by me. 

Related to your Question about sharing the project: I am really sorry, my proj manager did not allow me. 

Looking forward for your response. 

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You may create a support case to get in contact with Cypress directly. They will keep all information confidentially, none of your information will be presented to any users. Use at top of this page "Design Support".



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