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Hi i just got home a ble module (CYBLE-012012-10)

I didn´t read the sheets så well before i order it. But my question: It is possible to talk to the ble unit thru uart? I would like to just send some at-commands to get started.

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Welcome in the forum, Mikael!

The module is not a modem and will not respond to AT commands.

I would suggest you to install Crteator 4.0 and start a project using your CYBLE-012012-10 module. There is an example for each of the components.

You cannot wire that module with the UART interface directly to your PC because of different voltage levels. You will need a level-shifter like a MAX232



Hi Bob and thanks.

I'm new to bluetooth and would like to just use the ble unit on the chip, with an external mcu, or just a computor to use the uart (just because i dont have any programmer to that piece. And i have a deadline).  can a use the ble unit on the chip. is that possible to communicate to the ble unit alone?


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You said "I didn´t read the sheets så well before i order it". That seems to be true!

When you have got a deadline I would suggest you to instantly get hands on (buy) a CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2 Compliant Pioneer Kit.

You forgot, that your module already contains an ARM M0 CPU which needs programming in C-language. The development kit not only allows for UART - PC connection (via an emulated com-port), but also has got a programming interface. While waiting for the kit, I would suggest you to download and install the complete kit files (including Creator 4.0). You will get access to some example projects. There are many videos (in English language) that show how to work with PSoCs and BLE.



Thanks again... and i read about the pioneer kit. This will work:)

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Hi Mikael,

You may want to look over Cypress's EZ-Serial firmware platform recently updated for compatibility with that target module:

The Pioneer Kit is still an excellent investment in any case. EZ-Serial is not currently pre-flashed on CYBLE modules from the factory as of this date (Nov. 4, 2016), so you would have to flash it manually with the kit programmer or a MiniProg.

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