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Questions about Firmware update Over The Air

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We have to implement Firmware update Over The Air (FOTA), because we have to provide firmware updates to our customers that are using "smart phones" (Android/iOS). I have some questions regarding this:

  • Should this be possible to do using ?
  • Have you guys successfully been able to use the open CySmart source code to do FOTA in your closed source Android/iOS apps?
  • If I add FOTA functionality as described in the application note, this gives  bootloader subprojects in my PSoC Creator workspace. But will debugging go straight to the "main" project's int main() function? And is it possible to override all the bootloader functionality during development in some easy way?
  • A bit off-topic: Is it possible to write persistent data (like dynamic program settings) into a user Flash memory location? If so, how do I do this, that is, whereto in Flash memory should my user data be written and how is it done, if bootloaders also uses parts of the Flash memory?

I have to implement FOTA pretty soon, hence my questions :)

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Yes. That App Note is the one for OTA. The CySmart source code  can be referred for OTA Implementation. For your other questions, we need somemore details from you. Please create a Tech support case with this regard.


- Madhu Sudhan

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