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PSoC4 Pioneer kit and FRAM | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC4 Pioneer kit and FRAM

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I am new to the PSoC and have couple of hardware questions to the experts.

I am using the Pioneer kit as a development board and need to free up some port pins with out crippling the usability of the base board and the KitProg functions. I have left alone the SWD, I2C and UART pins that are connected to the KitProg but want to remove the FRAM and free up P5,0 and P5.1.

By doing so, can anybody know what functions of the Pioneer Kit will be affected? My other question is how important is SWD? I am planning to use the PSoC module 143 which has 256Kb of memory.




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Welcome in the forum, Nathan.

Cannibalizing your pioneer board as a newbee is a bit (or byte) uncommon ;-)  When in need for pins, why don't you get hands on a CY8CKIT-043 PSoC4-M Prototyping Kit?

The fram on your pioneer is connected using I2C. You would destroy your I2C functionality when removing the pin connections and you will not get a single pin more to use.

What is the reason you

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