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PSOC Mesh Flood Controller

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I am very interested in the mesh flood example (Day 49 in the 100 projects/100 days) for a project I am working on, indeed it is almost  exactly what I need.

What I want to do is make one of the PSOC BLE's a controller who's only role is to send our the RGB data at the push of a button.  I am looking at modifying the existing mesh flood example code, and hopefully simplifying it greatly.  I am new to BLE, and it is wildly more complicated than the BT serial links I am used to dealing with.  

Where do I start with this?  Do I need to modify the custom profile?  Are any of the examples similar to what I am trying to do?  

I saw Cypress had a demo at CES that was very similar to what I am looking for with a proximity sensor controlling light bulbs that were in a mesh - does this code exist somewhere?

Thank you,

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Hi Tom,

Yes, using custom profile would be good for your application. You can refer to this Application Note:

AN91162 - Creating a BLE Custom Profile (

The demo shown at CES was based on Smart Mesh which is a new spec by Bluetooth SIG. This is still under development.

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