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PSoC BLE - Getting Started, Need Advice... | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC BLE - Getting Started, Need Advice...

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I am ramping up a BLE project, adding BLE to a product.  The project is low-power so I will have to take advantage of any power saving modes.


The product acts as a peripheral and will constantly advertise at something like 1Hz.  It will also accept connections and transfer relatively small amounts of data (100s of bytes) between the client and peripheral, both directions.


The product, I don't think, will fit in a SIG peripheral profile like HID keyboard but maybe it does...


Am I better off trying to use an established profile or creating a custom profile?






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Here are all SIG adopted services:

(and all SIG adopted profiles at the bottom of this page:


From your post, I recommend you to create a custom profile/service(s). Use Bluetooth Developer Studio, . In addition to define your custom profile/services, Bluetooth Developer Studio will learn you Bluetooth Smart much faster. At least I did. This program automatically generates your 128-bits UUIDs (but they are pretty easy to generate anyway;, and you will also learn Advertisement Data well!



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