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PSOC 4 BLE- RTOS low power operation | Cypress Semiconductor

PSOC 4 BLE- RTOS low power operation

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I am using FreeRTOS (blink LED) demo project for PSOC and modified the project to handle Application sleep mode using vApplicationIdleHook function.  I was wondering is it possible to go to deep sleep mode in Idle state?

I have attached sample project.

I am new to freeRTOS so any sample project or documents

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Calling CyPmSleep() to shut off the CPU during the idle task hook would be a better option. Calling deepsleep is not an option in this function because many tasks may be idling in a state where they do not need the CPU but still need the rest of the chip on.

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Does PSoC4 BLE support FreeRTOS with BLE stack?

I have ported FreeRTOS on PoSoC4 BLE, advertising and connection is ok,but service discorvery didn't work.

Can you help me?

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