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Problems with SAR ADC

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I'm new into PSoC and PSoC BLE.
I decided to design a PSoC Fart-O-Meter.
So far the project is quite simple: A methane sensor, powered with 5 volts, is measures the concentration of methane in the air.
The output is a voltage between 0-5 volts.
I want to convert this output value to an integer by using the SAR ADC. Using this value I want to set a servo, that is  showing the concentration on a sign.
Later I want to send the value via BLE to another PSoC BLE, as mobile display.

Unfortunately it doesn't work, I'm saving the value in a variable but when reading this variable, e.g. in debugging, it's everytime empty(0x00000000).

I added my project to this post.

I hope you can help me!

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You just start one conversion. And then you never wait for it to finish.

Sorry I don't get you! Thats my first post in the forum!?

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What hli wants to say: There is a function ADC_IsEndConversion() which you should use to wait for a conversion done. Look into datasheet, there is a parameter for the function.



Are we opening a pure German thread here?

Ah ok!
I will look it up!

A pure German thread would be perfect!

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hli is located in Magdeburg and I live near Bremen. Where are you seated?



In der Nähe von Freiburg, genauer Emmendingen!

D.h. ich muss, bevor ich den Wert in die Variable schreibe, prüfen, ob eine Konvertierung beendet wurde, indem ich davor ACD_IsEndConversion(ADC_WAIT_FOR_RESULT) setze?

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I been to Freiburg nice place.  I lived in Ramstein for 3 years back in the late 1970's.

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Forum language is English, silvan wrote:

Namely I have before I write the value in the variable, check whether conversion was terminated by ACD_IsEndConversion (ADC_WAIT_FOR_RESULT) I place in front of it?

Yes, that's quite right!



Oops sorry!
My next question is there any possibility to view the value of  my variable "gas"?
When debugging the code, the overlay of "gas"shows 0x0000... .
Or is there a way to discover the max and min value that "gas" could assume?

I attach my latest code.

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I used a modification as

int16 MaxValue = 0;
int16 MinValue = 32767;


        value = ADC_GetResult16(0);
        if(value > MaxValue) MaxValue = value;
        if(value < MinValue) MinValue = value;

and I got different values for Min amd Max.



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