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Problem Accessing BLE Server Characteristic Values when acting as BLE Client | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem Accessing BLE Server Characteristic Values when acting as BLE Client

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I am attempting to utilize two PSoC-4 BLE modules (CY8C4247LQI-BL483) for wireless communication. I have successfully programmed the Server and can read and write data to it using CySmart for Android. I am now having trouble with Client side. I can find and connect to Server unit without issue, and I receive a response when discovering all services and characteristics, however I am not sure how to read and utilize my responses so that I can use these two pieces of info to actually read a characteristic value. (I think I'm confused by the structs which make up the BLE control, and could use some help understanding them and how to use them.

Attached are my two projects. Thank you in advance.

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Please find the attached sample project for Central and peripheral to demonstrate write, read, notify of a custom project.

For testing the project follow below steps:

1. Program central and peripheral

2. Open UART terminal with baud rate 115200bps on both sides

3. Both will automatically connect once after programming

4. Once connected, central will send write req to CCCD of peripheral custom profile to enable notification. You can see the notified values on UART terminals (for now it will notify a data reg of 1 2 3 4 5)

5. Press P1.0 switch on Central to send write request to peripheral (for now, on each switch press a incremented value will be written)

6. Press P2.7 switch on central to read the GATT DB of peripheral custom profile

See the UART logs to debug.

Hope this will help you.



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Thank you. I will give this a thorough look through and see if everything makes sense. Very much appreciated.



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