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Probing Antenna Pin - Unable to see waveforms | Cypress Semiconductor

Probing Antenna Pin - Unable to see waveforms

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I am troubleshooting an antenna problem. I have made a custom board and am able to program a PSoC4 BLE chip. I tried to receive data from the chip but it seems that my antenna isn't matched correctly. That aside, I have tried to probe the antenna pin in this chip as well as the PSoC4 BLE chip on a Pioneer Board Kit with an oscilloscope. It seems that I am only picking up a grounded pin instead of waveforms when the chip is transmitting data (I have data coming up on my phone so the chip is in fact advertising). 


Are the waveforms on the order of millivolts? Should the connection be pin => oscilloscope probe => ground? (typical setup)

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You can't probe the antenna pin with an oscilloscope as it will look like ground. You need a spectrum analyse to view that signal. I would use the antenna designs that cypress has provided as they are properly designed to transfer the transmitter signal.

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