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Output Pin as Reset, not functional | Cypress Semiconductor

Output Pin as Reset, not functional

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Something weird happened when I try to run PSoC 4 BLE. A reset pin needs to be as low as ground ordinarily, and goes up and down to send falling edge as RESET signal. I used a digital output pin with Strong Drive mode to do this reset job on PSoC 4 pioneer KIT, and it works very well;

However, when I tried to use the exact same codes on PSoC 4 BLE KIT, the reset pin is not able to be as low as ground ( not 0 ).

Only High Impedance Digital/Analog mode could be successfully written "0"; however, under those two High Impedance modes, the falling edge control does not work.

Could anyone tell me what can I do with the weird PSoC 4 BLE KIT?

Thank you!

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This should work with PSoC 4 BLE Kit also. If you load any of our example projects that use GPIOs, how is the behavoir? Can you please verify the same?


- Madhu Sudhan

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A discussion was already started here, get an overview..



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