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No connection/disconnection event | Cypress Semiconductor

No connection/disconnection event

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Hi All,

I have a PSoC 4200 BLE configured as Peripheral | Client (using CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer Kit) . I can see some events from the BT stack (BLE Stack ON, CYBLE_EVT_GAPP_ADVERTISEMENT_START_STOP) but when a device connects or disconnects I'm seeing no event to reflect the change in connection status. I see no change in CyBle_GetState().

I am connecting using another 4200 BLE and also alternately with the CySmart BLE Dongle, I can see that the Peripheral is being connected to (or at least that's what my tools are showing).

Please could someone suggest why I may not be receiving the events correctly?

Project attached, it's been modified and heavily commented out whilst I've tried to find this damn bug!

Thank you,


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Please contact the Cypress Tech Support for details.


- Madhu Sudhan

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