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No bootloader communicaton service found | Cypress Semiconductor

No bootloader communicaton service found

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1/I'm using the CY8cKIT-042- BLE

2/ I'm attempting to run the  example for the OTA External Memory  Bootloader & the OTA external Memory Bootloadable.

3/ I've  built both projects & flashed them into the dev kit.

4/ When I press SW2, the LED on the dev kit changes to flashing RED.

5/ From within Psoc v3.3 - TOOLs->Bootloader Host - I've tried to upload my bootable projecy.

6/ I get 'No bootloader communication service found

Communication port repored error 'unable to open communication port'

program failed in 10502 ms.

The red falshing LED eventually turns solid white 


( see attached file )


What can i do ?



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There seems to be an issue with PSoC creator Bootloader host tool. We will fix this in the future.

As of now, please use the CySmart PC Tool or CySmart Android / iOS tool for mobiles to test the Bootloader feature.


- Madhu Sudhan

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Try this and see if it works.

-> Build bootloader project -

> set the bootloadable project active -

> enter the path of bootloader project files in the bootloadble component of bootloadable project -

> build and program bootloadable project -

> Open cysmart 1.2 (make sure the security settings are same as your bootloadable project. Open 'configure master settings ' of cysmart window -

> see security parameters-

> see it is unauthenticated with encryption (as in your bootloadable project) ) -

> Now press sw2 on the pioneer kit to enter into bootloader mode. Now red LED will be blinking on the kit. -

> Now start scan in Cysmart -

> Device info example -

> click on it and press upgrade firmware button -

> select the .cyacd file and see whether OTA is failing. At my end it was successful.

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Thanks for your reply. I wasn't using CySmart.

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