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Multiple Peripherals to one Central: Best method? | Cypress Semiconductor

Multiple Peripherals to one Central: Best method?

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I've been looking into some of the 100 Projects designs and am still having trouble figuring out the best method for having many Periphrials communicating with one Central device.  Simply put as an example, I want to have 4 chips each with their own switch, and have a Central with 4 LEDs.  Each switch controls a single LED.  I also need to tag each switch, so initially, Central scans, and tags the first powered/discovered switch with an order number that will then be stored in the switch itself.  Afterward, if any switch state is changed, Central will know which LED its paired to.  Any direction would be appreciated.

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Have a look at the following project:

Project #030: BLE Time Multiplexed GAP Central

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Thanks a lot. May I ask if the get incorrect comment on the multi connection on PSoC, please?

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