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mesh network

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please help me to establish mesh network on ble 4.2.

My application is:  I have 5 cypress module and each module have some data ex. (temp,pressure etc). and i want to sent this data to other device that is gateway(wifi + ble) connected to net. Now the challenge is all 5 cypress module may be not in range of gateway .

When gateway scan any one device and say give me data of 5th module. At that time may be 5th module is not directly connected to gateway.

So my question is it is possible to send data via other module which is near to gateway. Can i implement mesh network for this application??

If yes Please help me how to do? 

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Cypress is already working on mesh, see this press release. To get a pre-release contact Cypress directly.  At top of this page select "Design Support -> Create a Support Case" and describe your problem.



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