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Manual TX/RX via Data Channels

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While this is very much not to BLE spec, I was curious if it's possible on the PSOC4 BLE to manually TX and RX on the non-advertising channels (0-36) - treating them like pseudo advertising channels.

Thanks, and sorry for the slightly "can I break it this way?" question.

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Not a problem. I can think of reasons why someone may want to do that.


I am not sure how much 'custom' data you can send, but there are tests that require to do manual TX/RX on chosen BLE channels. The data is not completely custom, it could be a sequence or a pattern, but it is commanded by the tester.


I see two ways for you to do it:

1) Use the HCI mode of the BLE component to send commands to the radio to do a particular TX/RX. There is a project that sets up the component in HCI mode and triggers radio to do something by receiving the HCI command over UART. This project is part of the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer Kit and you can install the example projects from

2) Directly configure radio registers. This is harder work (plus not always advised) but gives you more flexibility. You may ask for FCC test project by raising a technical support case from You may need to register on Cypress first, but it is a two minute thing.


Hope this helps.

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