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Long time SLEEP and then WAKEUP | Cypress Semiconductor

Long time SLEEP and then WAKEUP

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I am developing, a new SW, i have been trying to put my PSOC into DEEPSLEEP during more than 2sec and it is imposible, why?¿ becouse the only way to do this, is with the WDT, i have tried to use Timers, but it is imposible, because you only can set the timer clock to HFCLK, and when you put PSOC into DEEPSLEEP this clock is shutdown.

And my question, are there any other way to do this? i want to SLEEP (DEEPSLEEP) my PSOC during 1 hour more or less....


Thanks for all



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A couple of ways -


1) Wakeup every 2 secs or so and count off secs, go back to sleep until you hit

the 1 hour point. Not exactly elegant.


2) Use the Low Power comparator, and a CAP and a R, to effect a long term delay/interrupt.

You would have to account for all leakages and R tolerance (R for charging cap) to control

the timeout. Use an open drain output to reset cap when going to sleep.


You could develop a simple cal routine to measure the time constant with A/D to improve

accuracy of RC approach.


Regards, Dana.

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