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Joystick input not read in serial port | Cypress Semiconductor

Joystick input not read in serial port

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I am working on a project and my team is trying to read a joystick input into a serial port.  Right now I am trying to convert the joystick game controller code to meet my needs.

A second question we have regards BLE versus standard Bluetooth.  Is it possible to use regular Bluetooth to connect to the PSoC?

Please let me know how this could be accomplished.  


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Welcome in the forum!

The expression

    X_Axis = SAR_ADC_GetResult16(0) *0xFF /0x7FF;                        /* Get ADC reading and store in variable X_Axis */

might not give the expected result due to overflow and intterpretation of 0xFF a positive or negative number. Write 0xFFu for unsigned.

You did not tell what errors you have got.


BLE is not compatible to "normal" Bluetooth.



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Here is a program that moves the time around the screen.  I think you can get an ideal about the Joystick from this program.  It will need to be up graded to the latest component revisions however.

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