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I2c Transmite Nak error | Cypress Semiconductor

I2c Transmite Nak error

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Hi, this is Gaurav. I'm doing the I2c Tx project from the 101 videos. I did it several times but I'm not getting the ack signal after transmitting the protocol from the bridge.

I've attached the project file below. Please give the solution and explanation so that i could understand the things.

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A bit more information could be helpful:

Which PSoC Kit do you use?

What code are you sending over the BCP

What is the exact answer?

What did you connect to P5_0 and P5_1


Did you look into your Kit's schematic to see which pins are needed for USB-I2C bridge.



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If you want to use KitProg and BCP, then you need to use I2C Pins as P3[4] and P3[5]. Check the attached project.

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