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I2C DMA support in PSoC4 BLE 4.2 | Cypress Semiconductor

I2C DMA support in PSoC4 BLE 4.2

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Hi all,

Does the PSoC4 BLE 4.2 support DMA in I2C transactions?
From what I can see it supports DMA for other peripherals but not for the I2C component.

Thank you in advance.


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DMA is not related to the BLE stack, but related to the selected PSoC4 chip. Check in device selector which one has got DMA.

I2C not only transmits data as an UART, there are some additional signals required as Start, Restart, Stop, ACK and NAK. So it will be quite impossible to transfer I2C data with DMA. Better use the interrupt driven APIs that are handling a complete transmission.



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